More Giants Memes: #RomoBomb Round Up

The Giants, in their infinite wisdom, launched the #romobomb contest yesterday, in which you could photoshop the picture of ace reliever Sergio Romo on the left into a photo for a chance to win tickets to the World Series. Nice too that they launched the competition on Twitter, another San Francisco based organization.

Naturally, a bunch of fans with too much time on their hands and too little responsibility at work got in on the fun. Naturally, we decided to waste even more time and collect those #romobombs here, for you.

Here’s the submission from PianoFight’s in-house sketch comedy crew Mission CTRL, featuring a younger Alex Boyd and pop singer Eve … and of course, Sergio Romo:

Duncan Wold, an MC producer and PF company member, also decided to put in his own personal entry:

At this point I felt pretty left out so I decided to make one for the company I work for during the day, Z Space. This is a publicity still from a co-production with Joe Goode Performance Group snapped by famed dance photographer RJ Muna:

Then, feeling PianoFight wasn’t totally represented, we put together this stunning #romobomb using publicity stills from Roughin’ It:

Go Giants!


Posted October 24, 2012 at 9:42 am

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