BORN READY, Ep. 3 – Digging Your Own Grave w/ Lisa Steindler Part 1

lisa-s-3-1024x730Welcome to Episode 3 and Happy Canada Day! This is Part 1 of a two-parter with the artistic Director of Z Space, Lisa Steindler. Listen here.

In this show we welcome our LA listeners, who heard about BORN READY through a Bitter Lemons write up which called the show “Excellent, counterintuitive and irreverent.” And give a shout out to our Canadian listeners on their celebration of the Great White North’s birthday.

We also cover current events – Lindsay Lohan doing Mamet in London, Mametshutting down a run of Oleanna after one performance, and the The Kilroys’ list of46 Awesome Plays by Women.

From there we get into how Lisa started her theater career in the Bay Area, and taking a stand against a lacking MFA program. And Ray still can’t figure out how to sign off from the show.

Please share the episode, email, FB, Twitter etc., and don’t hesitate to tweet at @BornReadyShow or @DrHobbs or @RealDuncanWold if you’ve got beef us or @ZSpaceSF if you want to tell Lisa how awesome she is.

Thanks for listening!

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LAST CHANCE to submit for PianoFight’s Roughin’ It

Ok playwrights, now is your last chance to get your work in to the producers of this year’s Roughin’ It. The deadline is June 29th, and you can click the image below to get the full details on how / what to submit.

Roughin’ It is an always awesome endeavor, where we stage a bunch of dope scripts specifically written written for a rad, outdoor location. The PDF of submission guidelines (click the photo below!) has pictures of the property and suggestions to get you going. Or you can not take any of that and just send us some damn thing you think is awesome. WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, WE WILL TOTALLY READ IT AND CONSIDER.

So check out the guidelines and send us a script. Cause the only thing cooler than eating oysters, drinking beer, and watching plays in the great outdoors is doing all that for the play you wrote.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.29.48 PM

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BORN READY, Ep. 2 – Nothing Left to Enjoy

Episode 2 of BORN READY is up! Check it out by clicking the photo below.


In this second episode Rob & Ray agree wholeheartedly with this Bitter Lemons article by Colin Mitchell, while taking American Theater Magazine readers to task for their response to that article.

And the guys round up all the Tweets and Facebook comments on last week’s episode to address:
- the awesome coming up at Z Space
- the important work being done by theater journalists in articles like this one by Lily Janiak
- Rob’s pseudo change of heart on the Tony Award for Sound Design after readingthis article by Chris Ashworth
- the status of stand-up comic Kevin O’Shea‘s personal hygiene on tour

Tweet comments / ideas / hate mail / links at @BornReadyShow and share the episode with friends. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Bitter Lemons -

AMT Readers Response -

Z Space -

TBA Janiak -

“Tony Can You Hear Me?” -

Kevin O’Shea Twitter –

@BornReadyShow -

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Jamie DeWolf and Thadra Sheridan premiere “The Waiting”

Friend of the company and producer / host of Tourettes Without Regrets, Jamie DeWolf, synched up with poet Thadra Sheridan to turn three of her poems into kick-ass short films. We’ll post the next two as they’re released, but in the meantime check out the “The Waiting” and a quick interview with Jamie below.

YouTube Preview Image

PF: Why did you decide to make a film series of three dramatized poems?

JDW: After a decade of live performances, plays and tours, the Zen-like ephemeral nature of the stage can become addictive but I’ve always viewed film as the ultimate art form. Being able to incorporate every art into one end result is amazing, pretty much the same reason why I put on variety shows, just doing one thing doesn’t scratch my itch. You don’t normally get to rock with Beethoven as your background music. With this film we could. Also films can have a life of their own, will still be here in some way when I’m ashes.

I’ve also been transforming poems into films for a couple years now with Youth Speaks for national campaigns, and when I was out on tour just this last year, I was showing my latest short films. After a night of cocktails, Thadra and I kicked around ideas of turning her poems into films. The Waiting worked because it already had that narrative element to it. The next one is more impressionistic.

PF: What kind of gear are you using? What are you shooting on? And what are you using to edit?

JDW: 5d’s and 7d’s, steadi-cams, sliders and all that good stuff, though I think I’ll be moving to the BlackMagic soon. Edited on that old war horse FCP 7 though we’ve already evolved to Premiere.

PF: Have you ever waited tables personally?

JDW: Fuck yes I’ve earned my stripes. I’ve been personally fired from nearly seven restaurants, worked at Chevy’s, Black Angus, Houilhans, fucking P.F Changs for one brief desolate and despondent few month period, became a bartender, even taught at a bartending school, training thousands of the next breed of licensed drug dealers. Half my motivation for keeping on the art and film grind so hard is I never want to be a waiter again. It was the only job that seemed to work schedule wise as a student and a touring performance maniac and definitely worked with hangovers, but over time, being someone’s task monkey made me want to rip my eyes out. I’ve had enough of burned hands, screaming kitchens, of asking a table if they’ve saved room for dessert, secret shoppers and corporate scripts. The service industry is a black hole. My sanity couldn’t take it anymore.

PF: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?

JDW: The buffet line at Hustlers Club. Naw, currently Burma Superstar has caught my fancy. I can’t wait until Pianofight opens their spot so I can come in and terrorize your service staff with insane requests.

PF: Why do you so clearly hate foodies and foodie culture so much?

JDW: Maybe it’s all the years of fine dining, of learning to be a smiling automaton, but I’ve never given two flying fucks about the culture of food. I’m a functional eater, I shove things in my face to survive. It’s all over-priced nonsense to begin with. Bars are more important.

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A Band called Ona

“Some of the best music in the world will never be heard by anyone.”
- A quote you have never heard, for similar reasons the above is describing.

A group of creative individuals who collaborate towards a shared goal is an incredibly hard thing to maintain and pull off. PianoFight is certainly that– with a team of 40 plus members all headed in the same direction–but on different paths to get there. A band is no different. Lots of bands break up because of “creative differences” and many creative groups share the same fate.

This is to bring attention to one band in particular; a band that holds a very special place in my heart and one that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Unfortunately, we weren’t around long enough for our music to be heard by little more than our hometown. In hopes that Ona’s music lives on I’ve uploaded the two full-length albums for download, one of which was never released. I hope that with this our music will reach more people as we had originally intended. It seems a waste not to share these albums as we put a lot of work into them. The first is Subject to Change, Ona’s debut album, and the second is Twilight, which has not been released….til now.




The former members have continued to be creative: Shane McKillop (bass) now plays in Gardens and Villa, Omar Velasco (vocals and guitar) tours the world with Jonathan Wilson and has a solo project that you have to hear. Bear Erickson (lead guitar) owns and operates Erickson Sound Labs and a guitar production facility with his multi-talented father called Greg Erickson Guitars. I (guitar and vocals) toured with metal bands for four years and then decided to pursue my love of theater and video production by moving to the Bay Area and joining the sketch comedy/media juggernaut PianoFight. I have unfortunately lost touch with both of the former drummers of Ona, Chepe Beltranena and Justin Flint but I have no doubt that they are both doing well.

Ona was a band that could have been something exceptional and not a day passes that I don’t think of the music, what it did for me and for everyone else that was fortunate to see or hear us. So, to all the bands that met their unfortunate and untimely demise I say to you this, and kindly replace man with band:

“To every man upon this earth

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers,

And the temples of his gods?”

Now, I’m probably committing literary suicide by suggesting that Horatius “out spake” to the Captain of the Gate about bands who broke up and the sense of pride and accomplishment they should feel in their last hours. That being said, I have no doubt he was listening to Ona amongst his failing defenses. I hope you enjoy these albums as much as I do.

-David Burke

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We’ve been jabbering about it for weeks, and now that the official 48 Hour Film Project San Francisco screening has happened, we can finally post the full version of TIME SPIES. Check it out below, and tweet / email / FB it as you will.

Congrats to everyone involved in making TIME SPIES! Pretty amazing to see what a group of committed, talented people can accomplish in an extremely short time. Also, congrats to 48 Hour Fest producers Aaron Hall and Laura Brecher for pulling off a hell of a feat (organizing the creation of 41 films in 48 hours), and a BIG CONGRATS to all the other teams who competed! Watching everyone’s work on Weds night on the big screen at the Clay Theater was really fun, and especially cool to see the depth of talented filmmakers working right here in the Bay Area.

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BORN READY: Theater has issues. We make fun of them all.


We’re STOKED to announce the birth of our brand new weekly theater podcast, BORN READY! Hosted by PF’s artistic director Rob Ready, alongside good buddy and co-host Raymond Hobbs, and producer Duncan Wold, we break down all theater’s stupid issues including The Tony’s, the Theatre Bay Area Awards, ageism, print media, late seating, AND we answer the age old question, who is theater’s Elon Musk? Check it out here!

Big thanks to PFMD for providing the song, “Lane Splitter” as the opening / closing bumper song. “Lane Splitter” is off PFMD’s upcoming EP to be released in August.

And if you’ve got any topics you want us to cover, or you want to tell us what a bunch of ignorant ass holes we are, feel free to Tweet us at @bornreadyshow

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PianoFight’s “TIME SPIES” Screens at 48 Hour Film Project

Weds, June 18, 7pm, Clay Theater, 2261 Fillmore St, $10 – TICKETS - FB EVENT

TIMESPIES 2After a whirlwind weekend banging out the most bad ass 7 minute short film in the history of God’s green Earth, PianoFight is stoked to screen “TIME SPIES,” our entry in the 48 Hour Film Project – San Francisco.

Helmed by PianoFight’s Executive Director, Dan Williams, the film was written by Meredith Terry and Ray Hobbs, produced by Dave Levine, shot and edited by Daniel Burke with additional editing handled by Grace Mendenhall, and sound designed / scored by David Burke, with Jaime McKinney on as asst. director. Andy Strong and Meredith Terry star with Alex Boyd and Rachel Rockwood in supporting roles. And the band Star Bracelets lent their song “Dumbwaiter” to spice up the closing credits.

If you don’t know how the festival works, here’s the gist: film teams sign up to compete, and at 7:30pm on Friday, each team is given a genre. Between that time and 7:30pm on Sunday, each team has to create a short film in their respective genre and include specific things the Festival mandates – in this case, a character named Ashley Mahoney, a wallet prop, and the line, “What can I say, it’s the best.”

The team met Fri night and got the genre, “Time Travel.” While not being totally convinced that’s a genre, in the way that “western” or “action” or “romcom” is a genre, we dove in. The script was completed before midnight.

On Saturday, the crew rolled around San Francisco snagging some pretty dope shots at 5 different locations. With filming complete, Grace and Daniel put their heads down and started editing.

Sunday morning everyone met again to finish up the piece. Brunch and beers were provided for the crew who kept banging away til the last minute. At 7:02pm, Dan and Dave and Jaime hopped in a car and screeched off into the city. Dave was so amped to get the film in that he hit 102 on the speedometer while exiting the freeway. With 15 minutes to spare, PianoFight submitted TIME SPIES for consideration.

Join us for the screening on Weds, June 18, 7pm at the Clay Theater (2261 Fillmore St). Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance here.



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