pfmd b side – FNKY HLD MSC

Ahead of the Aug. 14 EP Release at Leo’s Music Club, here’s a  quick PFMD B Side.

Posted July 23, 2014 at 4:38 pm

BORN READY Ep. 6 – Nothing’s On Fire w/ Jamie DeWolf



It’s BORN READY Episode 6 straight to your ear balls! Our guest, Jamie DeWolf, talks working heel and going pillar to post with his own audience, and wonders aloud how people can get so angry at a dude with a mic.

In our newly minted segment, News That Is Theatrically Related and Happened in the Not So Distant Past, we talk about the legendary Potato Salad Kickstarter, Hollywood Reporter’s lists of the Best 25 Drama and Film Schools in the World, and debate whether the MFA is worth the $$.

From there we get into how Jamie started performing and why he startedTourettes Without Regrets - SPOILER ALERT: he’d been kicked out of every other decent show in the Bay Area. From those humble beginnings, we get the real story behind the rise of Tourettes into the indie juggernaut it is today and give props and shout outs to the Oakland Metro Operahouse and Hoodslam along the way. We also get an interesting answer when we ask Jamie, “Do you consider yourself a theater maker?”

As always, you can tweet @BornReadyShow @DrHobbs and @RealDuncanWold, or leave us comments here. Thanks for listening!

Posted July 22, 2014 at 4:44 pm

Meet the bands playing PianoFight’s Surf Soul EP Release Party

show-poster-v16When the PianoFight Music Department takes the stage at Leo’s (btw, TICKETS) it will be along side two other fantastic Bay Area bands: California soul pioneers, Midtown Social, and lo-fi indie rockers, Jet Trash. We could write a few hundred words about these groups, but we think it’s probably better to let their music do the talking…

Midtown SocialSexy

Jet TrashWhat They Want

PianoFight Music Department - Lane Splitter

If you want to hear more from Midtown Social and Jet Trash, check out their websites linked here and of course get tickets to the Surf Soul EP Release Party. See you there!

Posted July 21, 2014 at 3:34 pm

The Damn Fanatics play Neck of the Woods this Friday


Friends of the company and great new local band The Damn Fanatics are playing this Friday at Neck of the Woods with The Street Hearts and Whalesoundz and it should be a pretty fun night. Given that, we decided to do a quick interview with the guys:

PF: What are you so damned fanatical about?

TDF:  Dripping sweat and whiskey onto the stages and hearts of San Francisco, letting loose, howling into the wind and treating the sunset to a make-out dance fire on a mountaintop. Also, pretty into eye contact and chocolate milk.

PF: How would you describe your sound using only movie titles and foods?

TDF: Fear and Loathing in a psilocybin Super Burrito.

PF: You’re all very good looking – are you a boy band?

TDF: Thanks for noticing, we are a human band on a spiritual band journey.

PF: What kinda time can I expect to have this Fri night?

TDF: A sweaty good time. Get ready to dance and groove with Whalesoundz, soak in the next generation of Americana with The Street Hearts, and give everything you’ve got left to The Damn Fanatics.

So there you have it! Go and you’ll have a sweaty good time. Tickets are $8-$10 here. The FB event is here. And for good measure, you can check out their first single below.

Posted July 16, 2014 at 5:01 pm

BORN READY Ep. 5 – Being a Derelict w/ Allison Page

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We made 5 episodes! I didn’t know if we’d get there, or if anyone would give a shit, but we did and people do! This show we’re stoked to welcome the new co-creative director of Killing My LobsterAllison Page.

We talk KML’s most recent kick-ass production at Fury Factory, curtain speeches, talk backs, the pluses of actors being involved in the sketch writing process, stripping away production value in favor of more jokes per second, and Ray gets jealous that I went to a show without him.

In the second half we tackle two main articles. The first, by Jake Witlen, advocates that the US allocate more funds to the arts which is great, but makes the case in a way that drives me insane. And the second article, by Devon Smith, makes the bold statement that we should let arts orgs die.

We also give some quick shout outs to Direct Address, who gave us a nice write up last week saying “You should probably be listening to this.” And we shout out to the SF Theater Pub blog, plug Z Dating Game and PFMD’s EP Release Party and call out The Real Ally Show, with Joel Dovev, Ally Johnson and Rand Courtney, as another great podcast you should probably be listening to.

And as always, you can tweet at us @BornReadyShow @DrHobbs @RealDuncanWold @AllisonLynnPage

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Z Dating Game! This Sat – No Holds Barred LOVE

This Saturday, July 19, 8pm at Z Space, 450 Florida St @ 17th – $10 Tickets Here

Bay Area singles compete for dates while hundreds of strangers cheer them on in Z Dating Game, the groundbreaking and genre-defying show that forever changed the face of comedy-matchmaking. Z Dating Game is the show that brings together three eligible singles and one lucky bachelor(ette) and gives him or her a chance to question potential dates, then choose an escort for a great night out at a local hot spot– all in front of a live audience.

Back for it’s sixth installment, this Z Dating Game will feature three rounds of singles (including a gay round) competing for dates. Modern interpretive dance masters Super Nova Desert Eagle will immortalize audience members most embarrassing sexual encounters on stage, and rockin’ house band PFMD, led by Duncan Wold, will lay down the pulsing beats of love throughout the show. And as always, Z Dating Game is hosted by PianoFight’s artistic director Rob Ready.

The show is perfect for singles, married couples, people in relationships, people in relationships they’re not yet willing to call a relationship, people who like judging other people, people who like judging other people out loud and in public, and folks who want to support their single friends. Remember, the path to true love is always easier with hundreds of strangers vocally questioning your every step.


Posted July 14, 2014 at 12:30 pm

PFMD New Single “Lane Splitter” PLUS EP Release Party

PianoFight Music Department = surf soul dance party. Original and throwback, shredded gnar and sultry croon, PFMD has been hanging the Bay Area’s sonic ten since 2009. The sound: if Aretha Franklin and Dick Dale had a baby, and then Otis Redding kidnapped it, and then that baby grew up to produce an EP titled Surf. Soul. Party. The riptide has pulled PFMD all over the California coastline, but mostly it sweats on the stages of Oakland and San Francisco. Play “Wipe Out” in your car on the way over. Buy a drink. Melt your face and get pregnant faster than if you were the last two humans alive on a space ship having just passed Mercury headed for the sun.

Check out the first single off the EP, “Lane Splitter,” below.

YouTube Preview Image

And hit up our EP Release Party on August 14th at Leo’s (55th and Telegraph in Oakland). This will be the first time the EP is publicly available. Some come by and grab one on VINYL.

Posted July 3, 2014 at 6:11 pm

BORN READY, Ep. 3 – Digging Your Own Grave w/ Lisa Steindler Part 1

lisa-s-3-1024x730Welcome to Episode 3 and Happy Canada Day! This is Part 1 of a two-parter with the artistic Director of Z Space, Lisa Steindler. Listen here.

In this show we welcome our LA listeners, who heard about BORN READY through a Bitter Lemons write up which called the show “Excellent, counterintuitive and irreverent.” And give a shout out to our Canadian listeners on their celebration of the Great White North’s birthday.

We also cover current events – Lindsay Lohan doing Mamet in London, Mametshutting down a run of Oleanna after one performance, and the The Kilroys’ list of46 Awesome Plays by Women.

From there we get into how Lisa started her theater career in the Bay Area, and taking a stand against a lacking MFA program. And Ray still can’t figure out how to sign off from the show.

Please share the episode, email, FB, Twitter etc., and don’t hesitate to tweet at @BornReadyShow or @DrHobbs or @RealDuncanWold if you’ve got beef us or @ZSpaceSF if you want to tell Lisa how awesome she is.

Thanks for listening!

Posted July 2, 2014 at 5:37 pm